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Thesis : Design Extensible Home Healthcare System using a Smart Phone

**Design Extensible Home Healthcare System using a Smart Phone** Nam Hyun Kim, Seong Hyun An, Jong Wook Kim, Ji Young Nah, Sun Young Park, Hye Jeong Jeong, Ji Hun Kim, Chung Mook Lim, So Hye Jeon
**Abstract**— This paper describes a portable gateway which integrates Bluetooth and CDMA network communication. A smart phone is used as a gateway and it is designated to acquire physiological signs through Bluetooth and transform data into Health Level 7(HL7) V3 standard messages for interoperability. With using CDMA network communications, HL7 messages are transmitted from a gateway to a Server. This system suggests solving an important problem-that is, home healthcare systems generally have a fixed gateway at home, so people have difficulty in checking health condition outside home. Our proposed system makes people possible to see their condition and get feedback from a medical center with using a smart phone no matter where they are. ***Index Terms — Home Healthcare, Bluetooth, CDMA, mobile gateway, HL7*** Proceeding of International Conference on uHelathcare 2008 Biomedical Engineering for u-Helathcare
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