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mysqldump - dump & restore


mysqldump 덤프뜨기

위의 명령 실행시, 저장프로시저, 트리거 함수, 스키마가 sql로 만들어 진다.   **mysqldump 덤프복원**  

명령 실행전, 사용할 계정을 만들고 디비를 만들고 계정의 접근과 계정과 DB를 연결해 줘야 한다.

참고 : http://link2me.tistory.com/431

실행시, 다음과 같은 에러가 뜰 경우, /etc/my.conf 에 log-bin-trust-function-creators=1 을 추가하고 mysql을 재시작 한다.

his function has none of DETERMINISTIC, NO SQL, or READS SQL DATA in its declaration and binary logging is enabled

mysqldump 옵션

-A, –all-databases Dump all the databases. This will be same as –databases
with all databases selected.
–add-drop-database Add a ‘DROP DATABASE’ before each create.
–add-drop-table Add a ‘drop table’ before each create.
–add-locks Add locks around insert statements.
-B, –databases To dump several databases. Note the difference in usage;
In this case no tables are given. All name arguments are
regarded as databasenames. ‘USE dbname;’ will be
included in the output.
Set the default character set.
–delayed-insert Insert rows with INSERT DELAYED;
-f, –force Continue even if we get an sql-error
-x, –lock-all-tables
Locks all tables across all databases. This is achieved
by taking a global read lock for the duration of the
whole dump. Automatically turns –single-transaction and
–lock-tables off.
-l, –lock-tables Lock all tables for read.
–no-autocommit Wrap tables with autocommit/commit statements.
-n, –no-create-db ‘CREATE DATABASE /*!32312 IF NOT EXISTS*/ db
name;’ will
not be put in the output. The above line will be added
otherwise, if –databases or –all-databases option was
-t, –no-create-info
Don’t write table creation info.
-d, –no-data No row information.
-R, –routines Dump stored routines (functions and procedures).
–set-charset Add ‘SET NAMES defaultcharacterset’ to the output.
Enabled by default; suppress with –skip-set-charset.
–tables Overrides option –databases (-B).
–triggers Dump triggers for each dumped table
-X, –xml Dump a database as well formed XML

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